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  1. Plume By ZUO MOD

    Plume By ZUO MOD


    Stainless steel frame and clear tempered glass top, the Plume dining table meets all designing needs. Learn More
  2. Graphite By ZUO MOD

    Graphite By ZUO MOD


    Made from clear tempered glass and a stainless steel frame, the Graphite stands out as intended. Learn More
  3. Marker By ZUO MOD

    Marker By ZUO MOD


    The Marker dining table's frosted tempered glass top and zigzag brushed stainless steel frame makes every dining room a center piece. Learn More
  4. Stylus By ZUO MOD

    Stylus By ZUO MOD


    Add decorative patterns and sleek design to any dining room with the Stylus dining table. Tempered glass painted in black and stainless steel frame, the Stylus makes any dining room a focal point. Learn More
  5. Column (Black,White,or Espresso) By ZUO MOD

    Column (Black,White,or Espresso) By ZUO MOD


    A modern take on a classic square dining table look, the Column dining?table has cool leatherette wrapped legs stitched in like color thread and a tempered glass top. Learn More
  6. Lemon Drop By ZUO MOD

    Lemon Drop By ZUO MOD


    Modernity at its coolest, the Lemon Drop dining table has modern retro sensibility fortified via a tempered glass top and chromed steel base. Learn More
  7. Flag (Black,White,Espresso,or Silver) By ZUO MOD

    Flag (Black,White,Espresso,or Silver) By ZUO MOD


    The Flag dining?table has a clean look and a sturdy design. It has a thick tempered glass top attached to leatherette with stitching wrapped legs through fused aluminum plates, seats four or six. Learn More
  8. Vex (Black,White,or Espresso) By ZUO MOD

    Vex (Black,White,or Espresso) By ZUO MOD


    A thick tempered glass top seems to float on a sturdy leatherette with stitching wrapped base. With its interesting lines and unique stance, the Vex dining?table works well as either a dining or work table. Learn More
  9. Brush By ZUO MOD

    Brush By ZUO MOD


    With the Brush dining table's clear circular glass top and stainless steel frame, any space transforms into a more functional and well designed atmosphere. Learn More
  10. Chardonnay By ZUO MOD

    Chardonnay By ZUO MOD


    Like an architectural tower, the Chardonnay dining?table has a clear tempered glass top with a chromed steel tube center and a black solid steel base plate. The intricate diagonal latticing comes in both bar and dining heights. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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